Carbon Fiber Heating Technologies
creates ZEN-HEAT®
Carbon fiber heaters were recently developed as a solution for ceramic heaters issues. Carbon fiber heaters are made of many fine fibers resulting in large surface area. The large surface area facilitates heat transfer at a lower temperature thus reducing thermal stress and thermal losses. The result is delivering the perfect amount of heat needed but delivered as a green solution.

Green Technology for the Food Service Industry
Heating with CFHT is perhaps the "best" method of warming or cooking food compared to open flame or conventional electrical heating:

• Efficient heat transfer: Carbon Fiber heaters are composed of many fine carbon fibers arranged to have an even heat distribution area, thereby eliminating hot spots that are typically experienced with metallic wire heating elements or an open flame. Although the heating element and food are at almost the same temperature, the large heated area and good thermal contact with the pan allows enough heat to be transfered to keep the food hot without scorching the pan or the food.

• Minimum lost heat: Since heat is supplied by carbon fiber elements in intimate contact with the pan, and insulation is applied to the carbon fiber heating element, heat loss to the environment is minimized. Conventional electric heaters and flame type heaters heat the air which then heats the pan causing substantial heat loss to the environment. CFHT chafers & tailgaters work in the wind.

• Lower Energy Cost: Lower operating temperature and effective insulation result in less energy wasted in keeping food hot.

• CFHT chafers & tailgaters are like an electric blanket for your food. The food is heated but not the room.

• Since CFHT chafers & tailgaters efficiently use one of the greenest energy sources, electricity, they are the "Greenest" food heaters available.

Solutions for Commercial and Consumer Markets
CFHT believes that our technologies can be extended to a variety of markets for use by businesses, emergency response and consumer use such as tailgating at sporting events. Our products reduce overall costs associated with keeping heat warm with the greenest solution.

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